It’s not really code, it’s comments. Part 2


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This is continuation of my previous post about all kinds of comments I find in code.

Sometimes everyone gets pissed off with front-end issues:

And here is some mysterious stuff:

And some “security” stuff:

Now imagine you been trying to find a cause of stock bug for half a day and then come across such thing:

This is ordinary name in some countries, but since more often you’d find full name signatures and if we take into account circumstances first what comes to my mind is that character Igor from Frankenstein movies was changing this :)

You know the feeling when everything that you’ve done looks wrong but you have no means to change it because of related parties, but really want to plead your implementation:

You might have got an impression that it’s always negative. But NO, sometimes it gets sensible:

Although, in my personal opinion Ms AJAX extensions is something to avoid :D

So, this ends my comments collection.

For conclusion, I’d like to wish you never find such comments in code you are working with and don’t neglect it so much that they appear.

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    Nice one. Made my day:)

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