It’s not really code, it’s comments. Part 1.


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A while ago I used to work with one legacy platform. It started its existence more than 10 year ago, most probably as a customer specific solution which turned into platform. It’s still quite popular and I guess it covers major user requirements. But as it happens with systems which doesn’t evolve good enough or evolve the wrong way, it ends up as small hell even for vendors’ developers. I was third party developer, but for my job I had access to most of the production source and since stumbling upon funny and frustrating comments I decided to create a collection. Here’s part 1 of it.
Some things are edited (marked out by {… …} ) to make them shorter or to not disclose the system name.
So let’s start from a few of my favorite ones:

And sometimes it tries to threaten you:

Sometimes it gets offensive:

And here are some comments regarding the implementation:

To be continued…

Update 2014-01-28: part 2

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