Google you Apple! And suck my Android!


November 28, 2012Featured General2 Comments

One evening I was pushing an iOS app update to iTunes Connect. Somehow I have accidentally entered word “android” in release notes text box and it was… censored?!

I understand that “f**k”, “b**ch” and “ass” are words to censor, but “android”? Is it a curse word for Apple?

Then I tried to insult iTunes Connect validation and cursed as I was taught by wild wild web:

Android and Windows Phone are awesome !
WP8 in Nokia Lumia will beat the iPhone !
Samsung and HTC are awesome too !
Amazon Kindle doesn’t suck at all !
Microsoft Surface is way better than iPad !
Google Maps rocks !
Ok, what about BlackBerry ?
Kiss my ass !

Seems that “Windows Phone”, “BlackBerry”, “Microsoft Surface”, “Nokia” and even “Samsung” are not the curse words for Apple at all. The ones which really insulted Apple are “Google”, “Android” and “ass”.

What can I say… Google you Apple! And suck my Android!


2 Responses to “Google you Apple! And suck my Android!”
  1. NSi

    Try Amazon ;-)

    • Agnius101

      You mean Amazon censors even more? Any examples?

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