Preparing for Microsoft 70-480 Exam. Part 2


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In my previous post I looked over the structure of MS 70-480 exam. I also briefly described what HTML topics it potentially covers. Today I am going to guesstimate the CSS3 required reading for this exam. So let’s get into it.

Perhaps you are aware that many parts of the new CSS3 specification are not yet finished. You can check the list here. So logically unfinished parts of the specification should not be included in this exam. However, there are some features which are already implemented in most browsers and can be in the exam even if their w3c documents are not finished. I am talking particularly about flexbox. It is already present in newest browsers including IE10. So what CSS features one should learn for this exam?

Firstly, you should look at the description of CSS3 tasks in the exam page. Also you can Google some suggestions by people who already took the test. Personally, I will be looking into these topics: element positioning, CSS3 layouts, exclusions, transitions and transformations and advanced selectors.

Let’s start learning things:

  1. Element positioning: this topic has really no new material, you just have to know how to use static, fixed, relative and absolute positioning + floats.
  2. Layouts: there are a lot of new things in CSS3 around this topic.
  3. Transitions and transformations:
  4. Selectors:

My personal suggestion would be to start looking into these topics from the links I have listed and go a little further, because there should be a lot of CSS related questions in the exam. Good luck!

P.S. check this really good blog post by a person who already took the test.

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  1. Nick Rodriquez

    CSS is the weakest link for me in the whole HTML5 arena. And thanks for the link for “Blogged By Chris”. He has taken the next 70-486 exam too and updated his blog on his experience. Good stuff!

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